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Job Media is a small, privately owned, Australian company specialising in delivering affordable, targeted recruitment advertising products. We are not affiliated with any other company or organisation.

We believe that 'opt in', email list based advertising products dedicated to professional disciplines, represent the future of employment advertising. Such products are clearly very efficient for both job seekers, employers and recruitment companies.

If you are a HR professional, or you are involved in recruiting people for HR jobs, please also visit www.jobsinhr.com.au (it's just like Jobs In Planning, but for the HR profession). Or if you are a Safety professional please visit www.jobsinsafety.com.au

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Principal Planning and Environment Consultant
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Principal Planning Projects Officer
Werribee, Victoria, Australia

Senior Urban Designer - Contract
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Statutory Planner - Contract
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Senior Strategic Planner - Contract
East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Senior Strategic Planner - Contract
Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia

Statutory Planner - Contract
Melbourne - South East, Victoria, Australia

Statutory Planner - Contract - State Govt
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Urban Designer - Contract
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Senior Planner - Contract
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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